Tipton  Company was founded in 1935 by Zeke Tipton.  Zeke got his start in the  plumbing industry in 1929. Zeke worked for his uncle, C.F Adams who was a manufacturer in the plumbing industry in Fort Worth, TX.  

Zeke worked through Texas A & M University and graduated with an  Engineering Degree in 1934.  Zeke's graduating class had 120 members,  all male and all in the Army Corps.  Zeke was Captain WWII serving in  Germany and earning multiple medals including a Bronze Star for Bravery.

After returning from Germany in 1946, Zeke and his wife Cecile put all  of their efforts into the humble beginnings of Tipton Company.  From day one, his motto was, “SERVICE STARTS HERE!”

William V. Tipton (“Bill”) went to work for Tipton Company in 1965. He eventually purchased the company from his father. By the 1970s, Bill grew the company to 45 employees, and producing over $25,000,000 in product sales. 

Bill then started Component Manufacturing Corporation (C.M.C.), selling plumbing specialty items to plumbing wholesalers. Bill retired in 1995, and sold the companies to his son, Ty Tipton.

Tipton Company sells high quality, competitively-priced products, shipped accurately and promptly.  We provide unequaled service before and after the sale to all of our customers. This results in:

Planned profitable growth for our partners and distributors

Recognition as an industry leader

Rewarding careers for our employees


Three Generations of Excellence


Zeke Tipton • Founder

In 1965, Zeke's son, William "Bill" Tipton started at Tipton Company and purchased the company. By t

William V. Tipton • Retired


Ty Tipton • CEO / President